Saturday, April 25, 2009

Defense Reveals Trial Strategy

Jose Baez, Casey's lead attorney, revealed some of the defense strategy for trial. He claims the prosecution can show no cause of death; there were no witnesses to the crime; and there is no direct link between Casey and Caylee's remains.

(Side note: I know, I think he needs to put down the bong on that last statement, as well.)

He also plans on throwing out the ever-popular defense chestnut of "junk science". Baez plans to present the air samples in Casey's car trunk were analyzed using an unreliable technique and shouldn't be used in trial at all. His "junk science" plan also includes the seventeen hairs found in Casey's trunk that showed no signs of decomposition.

(Side note again: But won't those just show more likelihood that Casey used Xanny, as in Xanax, as the Nanny, or chloroform, and put Caylee in the trunk when Casey was out partying?")

In the civil case against Casey brought by Zenaida Gonalez, motions have been filed to compel George and Cindy to answer the questions they refused to respond to in the deposition. It will likely end up in court.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Orpah Dumps Anthonys; George And Cindy Appear on GMA

After learning that the Anthony's were planning on giving a live interview to CBS's Good Morning America, the Oprah team decided to cancel their scheduled interview.

George and Cindy appeared on CBS this morning. They dicussed the support they have for Casey, insisting she would not harm her daughter and showed love and care with Caylee. They reiterated that Casey would not accept a plea deal for a crime she didn't commit.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Push For The Death Penalty Now?

The State's Attorneys Office has put the death penalty back on the table as possible punishment for Casey Anthony because the case meets mitigating circumstances that call for the death penalty. Two of those circumstances are that Caylee was a child, and was vunrable since she was allegedly killed by her own mother.

Soil samples taken from Casey's shoes also match soil from the swampy area where Caylee's body was dumped. The samples were subjected to an elevated, highly technical set of tests to insure the match.

Monday, April 13, 2009

State To Seek Death Penalty Against Casey Anthony

In a startling turnaround, the Florida State's Attorney has announced that it will be seeking the death penalty against Casey Anthony.

The trial is still scheduled for October.

In a rare personal aside, I am glad to hear the death penalty is an option in this case; I don't think it will make Casey suddenly explain and apologize, but I do think this is a case that calls for the death penalty.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Civil Case Deposition of George And Cindy Anthony

Yesterday, Casey Anthony's parents George and Cindy were deposed in the defamation suit brought by Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman who shares the name of Casey's imaginary nanny.

The videotaped deposition lasted over five hours. George half-answered many questions, like how did Casey support herself, and refused to answer some questions, such as those regarding Casey not letting him look into the trunk of her car and a conversation he had with her regarding the ladder for the above ground pool.

Cindy refused to answer questions about Casey fraudulently using credit cards, as well.

Cindy also claimed during the deposition that she had phone numbers and address for Zenaida Gonzales, the "nanny" and never attempted to contact her regarding Caylee.

It appears that the imaginary nanny was such a real person in Casey's mind, she had even described Zanny's dog to George and Cindy.

Cindy ended up storming out of the deposition and allegedly had to be physically restrained from Zenaida Gonzalez.

In another WTF moment in the ongoing case, Casey's attorney did not attend the deposition and has not attended any for the civil case.

Courtesy of Orlando Local 6, you can view the videos.