Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shocking Revelations In Latest Document Dump

More documents have been released today:

~Upon being told that Caylee's remains had been found, Casey hyperventilated and asked for medication
~The laundry bag with Caylee's remains matched a laundry bag found in the Anthony home.
~ A journal entry from Casey's diary, dated June 21, five days after Caylee was last seen, says this: "This is the happiest I have been in a long regrets, just a bit worried...I completely trust my own judgement and knew that I made the right decision..."
~The backing of a heart-shaped sticker, with the sticker missing, was found in the Anthony home, a possible match for the sticker found on the duct tape placed on Caylee's skull.
~Cindy Anthony reported a Winne the Pooh blanket was missing from Caylee's bed and a Winnie the Pooh blanket was found near the remains
~Also found near the remains were a syringe, a Gatorade ™ bottle with liquid and white residue and pieces of a Pull-Up™ type diaper.

The entire document can be read here, courtesy of My Fox Orlando.

Rumor also has it that it may be early next year until the case goes to trial. The death penalty has not been put back on the table, yet.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Public Memorial Highlights

Yesterday, the public memorial for Caylee Anthony was held. An estimated 1100 mourners filled The First Baptist Church in Orlando. Casey Anthony, of course, was not present, since she is still in the Orange County Jail. During the service, she met with her lead attorney, Jose Baez, and had not made any request to watch the televised service.

During her eulogy, Cindy remarked that she misses watching the love Caylee shared with Casey. "It breaks my heart that Casey's not with us today to honor the child she loves so very very much." Speaking directly to Casey, Cindy said, "I love you and I wish I could comfort you right now...Caylee is so much like you. She got your beauty and your compassion, and she got your spirit."


Monday, February 9, 2009

Public Memorial Finally Scheduled; Cindy Writes Eulogy

The public memorial for Caylee Anthony has finally been announced. Her grandmother, Cindy, has written an eulogy, which can be read here. What are your thoughts on the eulogy? I found it rather strange.

George was released from the hospital Friday and will be continuing with outpatient care.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Florida's Sunshine Law

In case any readers were wondering why so much information regarding the case against Casey Anthony has been released, I thought I would provide an answer. Florida has exceptionally open so-called Sunshine Laws regarding court proceedings and any public records. If you'd like to see what this covers, you can read up on it here.

Nancy Grace Recap

Casey's lead attorney, Jose Baez, was reprimanded for attempting to slip Casey contraband at the jail. Said contraband was a memorial bracelet saying, "Forever In Our Hearts". The bracelet was hidden in socks that Baez brought to the jail, part of Casey's court costume. It appears that Baez is trying to say he didn't know anything about the bracelet, leading to speculation that perhaps Cindy had hidden it in the sock.

Although Casey was served with the 29 question deposition in the civil case by Zenaida Gonzales, with 30 days to respond, she has thus far refused to answer, pleading her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. Rumors are that Lee will also refuse to respond. The Anthony family attorneys are also requesting that the results of the depositions not be released.

George Anthony, who had been in a psychiatric ward after sending despondent text messages indicating that he didn't live to two people he was very close to (which did not include his wife, Cindy), has left the original hospital and is allegedly going to a hospital closer to his home in Orlando. Going into week two of his hospital stay, he is doing this voluntarily, no longer under the Baker 72 hour hold. The Anthony Family attorney said that George has a long recovery time ahead.

Is the memorial finally scheduled at The First Baptist Church in Orlando for next Tuesday? The church has not confirmed, but it is a huge church, with seating for 5000 and would be an appropriate venue for a public memorial.

Why the delay on the trial? The trial date was originally set for March. That date was set before Caylee's skeletal remains were found, forcing the prosecutors to reconstruct the entire case, due to the new forensic evidence with the finding of the remains. A trial date will likely be determined at a status hearing scheduled for the end of February.