Friday, April 10, 2009

Civil Case Deposition of George And Cindy Anthony

Yesterday, Casey Anthony's parents George and Cindy were deposed in the defamation suit brought by Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman who shares the name of Casey's imaginary nanny.

The videotaped deposition lasted over five hours. George half-answered many questions, like how did Casey support herself, and refused to answer some questions, such as those regarding Casey not letting him look into the trunk of her car and a conversation he had with her regarding the ladder for the above ground pool.

Cindy refused to answer questions about Casey fraudulently using credit cards, as well.

Cindy also claimed during the deposition that she had phone numbers and address for Zenaida Gonzales, the "nanny" and never attempted to contact her regarding Caylee.

It appears that the imaginary nanny was such a real person in Casey's mind, she had even described Zanny's dog to George and Cindy.

Cindy ended up storming out of the deposition and allegedly had to be physically restrained from Zenaida Gonzalez.

In another WTF moment in the ongoing case, Casey's attorney did not attend the deposition and has not attended any for the civil case.

Courtesy of Orlando Local 6, you can view the videos.


Melissa said...

I just dont understand this whole defamation thing.

Casey said that it wasnt her. She described HER Zenaida as being much younger.

And how common is the name Gonzalez for God's sake.

In other words, who is paying this woman to sue the Anthony's?

Lisa said...

The suit is only for %15,000, so I don't think money is the motive. Zenaida's lawyers are no doubt being paid on contingency, so no one is "paying" for it.

How would you like to be this woman? No mattter where you go, what you do, everyone asks you, "Are you that Zenaida?". Even though she is in no way involved, her name has been dragged through the media, she's been investigated and she's become notorious through no fault of her own.

I'd sue the Anthony's, too.

Melissa said...

Have you read the depositions? They arent asking the Anthony's anything about Zenaida. They were discussing the criminal case. I think this Zenaida has an alterior motive, and think she was and or is being paid to bring this suit.

BTW, there are HUNDREDS of Zenaida Gonzales' in Florida. Look it up.

Lisa said...

Um, yes Melissa, I have read the depositions and I do indeed know there are hundreds of Zenaida Gonzalez' in Florida. This is the only one found to have any sort of connection, however remote, to Casey Anthony.

Melissa said...

Very very remote. And entirely coincidental more than likely.

I dont see the relevence of the questioning in any case even if she wants to sue. Most of the deposition questions have nothing to do at all with Zenaida. And Casey Anthony has already said it isnt her.

I think Ms. Zenaida is either being paid by someone (prosecution) to push this, or she is a nut job. There are millions of people who cant find jobs these days.