Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is there a video of the murder scene?

On the Nancy Grace show tonight it was revealed that there may be a videotape of the murder scene. This could be one of two locations 1> Where the body was found 2> Where Caylee was actually killed.
Does this show that the body was NOT there during the first searches? That would raise countless questions.

There also appears to be evidence that states a search was done for an episode of One Tree Hill that concerns a kidnapping by a nanny. This raises even more questions! Did Casey download a lot of television shows and this just happened to be one of them. Or was this one of the only (or few) TV shows found on the computers. Since the case so far has a lot of circumstantial evidence and this is another piece. Not damning on it's own but when added to the information we already know, it makes you think.

And Casey ordered $40 more of snacks today. More beef jerky and candy! She has not had ANY visitors (expect her lawyers) since the end of September. It's not that she can't have visitors. No one has come. Were friends and family (especially Lee, Cindy and George) advised to not visit her? She also has not had any phone calls. Not even a holiday call?

Meter Reader May Receive Reward Money

Ray Kronk, the meter reader who phoned in tips about the bag containing Caylee's remains, may receive the $5000 reward offered by Mark NeJame, who was George and Cindy Anthony's attorney. Mr. NeJame received the donation while working with Anthonys. Mr. NeJame said he will make a decision shortly.

Leonard Padilla, however, thinks there is something hinky about the meter reader; that he may have been directed to the site of the remains.

Lee Anthony To Face Charges?

Lee Anthony, Casey's brother, has an attorney. His attorney claims that Lee is being investigated by the Orlando Sheriff's Department and faces possible charges of obstruction of justice or aiding and abetting.

Lee did not submit his DNA until he was forced to do so by subpoena, it should be noted. Rumors have run rampant on the Internet that Lee is actually Caylee's father from an incestuous relationship with Casey, and Casey had claimed to friends that Lee was always bugging her for sex and trying to molest her. Among other of Casey's lies about her family is that George is not her biological father but her stepfather, so who knows what's really credible about Lee being Caylee's father or molesting Casey.

It's very unusual for an attorney to announce pending charges against a client. The attorney's statement has legal eagles and everyone else following the case scratching their heads, wondering why and what purpose this claim serves.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Judge Orders Release Of Autopsy Information

Orange County Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland ordered the release of autopsy information to Casey Anthony's defense team so they may conduct their own autopsy. Among the items released were photos, x-rays, microscopic slides, and reports. These will no doubt be examined by Dr. Henry Lee, who joined the defense pro bono.

The Orange County Medical Examiner ruled Caylee's death a homicide, but stated that it may never be known how she died.

Nancy Grace Recap, December 22

Last night, Nancy Grace interviewed Jesse Grund, the former fiance of Casey Anthony.

Casey had originally claimed Jesse was the father of Caylee. When a DNA test, urged on Jesse by his family, proved that he was not, in fact, Caylee's father, he still continued to love Caylee as his own. He and Casey were homebodies, focused on Caylee. They enjoyed watching movies together and going out to dinner as a family, things most parents of a young child do. Casey was determined to become a photographer and actually worked for Kodak (really) and strove to be a good mom.

That all changed toward the end of their relationship, when Casey was too hungover from partying the night before to attend Jesee's brother's graduation, as one example.

Jesse said that he didn't know the person Casey had become. She broke off the engagement because she felt Jesse loved Caylee more than he loved her.

Jesse was in tears, remembering Caylee and how much she meant to him. He recounted that during Caylee's first Christmas, they didn't make it to the mall for Santa pictures, so he bought a cheap Santa suit and dressed up for her.

When Leonard Padilla first bailed Casey out of jail and was babysitting her at her family home, he said discussion by the Anthonys revolved around the possibility Jesse had snatched Caylee.

Jesse had never been seriously considered a suspect by law enforcement.

Jose Baez, Casey's local Orlando attorney, has also set up a new tip line, hoping to bring in more information provind Casey did not harm Caylee.

As of now, the Anthonys have no plans to visit Casey in jail.

The crime scene has been cleared and investigators went directly from the scene to the Anthony home, where they removed more items of potential evidenciary value such as shoes and clothes. George Anthony was visibly upset when the search warrant was presented.

The defense, after clamoring for access to the crime scene, did not show up after the scene was cleared by investigators. They claimed that there was nothing left for them.

Memorial For Caylee

George and Cindy Anthony, through their attorney, announced that they will schedule a public memorial for Caylee. The details are still in the works. A private service will also be held for family and friends.

Casey Anthony will not be attending either, nor allowed to view the remains. The Orange County Corrections department states that due to the level of charges against her and safety and security reasons, it is against their policy.

No word as to whether or not Casey actually asked to attend.

Toys at the makeshift memorial for Caylee at the crime scene are going to be donated to the Orlando Rescue Mission, rather than left to rot in the Florida weather.

Contrary to rumors, The Anthony's have not asked for donations to cover the cost of the funeral or memorial services.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Search Of Anthony Home

For the third time in ten days, authorities have searched the Anthony home. More items of value as evidence were removed.

The wooded swampy area where Caylee's remains were found has been cleared as a crime scene. The Medical Examiner said there was no soft tissue left, but there was hair.

There was nothing to indicate that Caylee had ever left the Orlando area.

Investigators have re interviewed Ray Kronk, the meter reader who had phoned in the tips about the remains. He has no connection to the Anthony's or the case and is not considered a suspect in any way.

The trial, as of now, is still scheduled for March.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Caylee's Book?

One of the other items found during the extesive search of the swampy wooded area where remains believed to belong to Caylee Anthony were found is a children's book. Is it Caylee's book? Law Enforcement released the pictures but made no comment.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Utility Worker Reported "Strange Odor"

The utility worker had previously called the police on August 13, 14 and 15 to report a "strange odor" in the area where the remains were found.

More Bones Discovered; First Tip Came In August?

More bones have been found at the perimeter of the search site where a child's skull, believed to be Caylee Anthony's, was found. The search site will be expanded and investigators expect to intend to stay several more days.

The FBI has the hair samples found with the skull and testing is being conducted.

The Sheriff's Department also confirmed that the first tip about the area came in August, from the utility worker who made the discovery. He had apparently called three different days in August and a deputy was sent to the area. What the utility worker reported during those calls in August has not been released yet.

More updates as news becomes available.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Second Anthony Spokesperson Steps Down

Michelle Bart, the spokesperson for George and Cindy Anthony, is stepping down. She is citing health reasons as she has surgery scheduled later this month in Washington State.

Ms. Bart will be the second Anthony family spokesperson in as many months to leave the case. The last, Larry Garrison, resigned after accusing the family of erratic behavior.

Attorney Mark Njeme also stepped aside. He allegedly pocketed up to $6500 for providing family pictures to the media.

Hair on Duct Tape

According to Nancy Grace's sources, there was long, light hair attached to the duct tape found on the skull. The duct tape was allegedly wrapped all the way around the skull.

Casey Anthony has been removed from psychological observation. She remains in a cell by herself with no contact with other inmates.

The search in the woods a quarter mile from the Anthony's home, where the skull and other bones were initially found, continues. Authorities hope to clear the scene within the next day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Judge Strickland denied two motions presented by the defense in a very brief emergency hearing held moments ago. He reserved ruling on a second autopsy until the first is completed.

The requests made by the defense are detailed in the post below.

**Note** corrected; originally, it was reported that all three motions were denied.

Emergency Hearing

An emergency hearing will be underway soon in the Anthony case. The defense is hoping to obtain photos, videos and drawings of the area where the remains believed to be Caylee Anthony were found. They will also request a second autopsy and ask for preservation of forensic evidence and a forensic expert for the defense be appointed.

Meanwhile, investigation is ongoing at the site.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Casey Anthony's Dream Defense Team

Casey Anthony is commanding some of the best legal expertise in the country.

Jose Baez: her local attorney
Dr. Henry Lee: probably the most well-known forensic scientist in the world
Linda Kenney-Baden: defense attorney, legal commentator, wife of renowned medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden and late of the Spector trial
Dr. Werner Spitz: Forensic pathologist, toxicology consultant, professor of pathology at Wayne State Medical school, Wayne County Medical Examiner for 16 years, now Medical Examiner for Macomb County in Michigan
Dr. Ketherine Reichs: forensic anthropologist
Dr. Lawrence Kolbinlinski: DNA specialist, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NYC
Dr. Tim Huntington: Forensic Entomologist

More Bones Found

Law Enforcement this week-end continued to search the area where the presumptive remains of Caylee Anthony were found. The search area was expanded and during soil sifting, more bones were found.

George and Cindy Anthony, Caylee's grandparents, are said to be devastated by the discovery of the remains, although they still harbor hope that it is not Caylee.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Comments were previously closed on this blog. They will be open now, but some rules will apply.

1. No profanity.
2. It's okay to disagree, but be kind. No personal attacks, no name calling.
3. We will not hesitate to close comments in an instant if things get out of hand.

Nicole, Dearheart and I are working hard to provide facts regarding this case and the upcoming trial. We welcome ideas and discussions, but it's not the pet blog or the Martha Stewart blog. Keep on subject.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a hard case.

Larry King - "Circumstances changed"

Cindy and George Anthony did not appear on Larry King Live tonight. Larry stated that he was told this afternoon that the Anthony's were advised to not appear on the show. It was stated that the circumstances have changed. They Anthony's have also been advised to not speak to the media.

No new information was discussed on the show. Mark Geragos stated that the obvious conclusion is that it is Caylee. He stated that because there was hair found they will be able to do mitochondrial DNA testing faster then would be done for testing the bones for DNA.

The 911 call was played as were parts of the Anthony's interview from Wednesday night.

Nancy Grace, December 12

Jane Velez-Mitchell was sitting in for Nancy Grace tonight.

LE has now confirmed that they are confident that the remains found do belong to Caylee. The autopsy is being, or has been, conducted at the Orange County Medical Examiners office and after a discussion with the FBI, specific samples will be sent to Quanitco for extensive forensic testing, including DNA and advanced toxicology.

The defense team did ask to attend the autopsy, which was met by a resounding no, since the remains have not been conclusively determined to be Caylee; what if the remains weren't Caylee? Incredibly improper to view another child's autopsy. On the flip side, the defense can now claim they were not allowed access to the autopsy.

Some of the items removed during the most recent search of the Anthony's home included vacuum cleaners and bags, chemicals for cleaning the pool, pillows, a shop vac and pesticides.

Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter who posted the initial bail for Casey, baby-sat her while she was on house arrest and launched several searches, gave his theory on the killing. He felt that she routinely drugged Caylee and put her in the trunk and the duct tape was to keep her from screaming or crying if she woke up. He thinks Casey panicked when her father got so close to the car and wanted to look in the trunk. Casey then took Caylee and dumped her in the area in which she was found.

According to one of the talking head defense attorneys on the show, with the find of the remains, the case went from being a strong circumstantial case to a case with hard evidence, making it that much more difficult to raise reasonable doubt.

Casey Anthony: Narcissist

Casey Anthony appears to be a textbook narcissist.

According to the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), at least five of the following criteria must be met to find a diagnosis of narcissism.

1) A grandiose sense of self-importance

2) Pre-occupied with fantasies of success, power, brilliance, beauty and the notion of "ideal" love

3) A sense of being special and unique

4) A requirement for excessive admiration

5) A sense of entitlement; rules don't apply

6) Exploitative of situations and relationships: What's in it for me?

7) No empathy

8) Envious of others or believes others are envious of them

9) Arrogant, haughty, above it all

Many people who meet the five examples may certainly be narcissists, but may never commit a crime. They may have horrible personal relationships and go through a lot of jobs, but they don't commit crimes.

There is no definitive cause for narcissism but some hypothetical causes are outlined as follows:

1) An oversensitive temperament at birth; must be held all the time or never wants cuddling as an infant; reacts badly to new stimuli and situations

2) Overindulgence and overvaluation by parents

3) Valued by parents to regulate their own self-esteem; "My child is wonderful, therefore, so am I"

4) The excessive admiration of parents is not balanced by realistic feedback; that bad grade on the spelling test is not the child's fault

5) Unpredictable or uneven care giving from parents

6) Emotional abuse by parents

7) Being praised for perceived exceptional looks or achievements by parents

8) Excessive praise for good behavior

9) Excessive criticism or punishment for poor behavior

Hat tip to the DSM V, so glad I grabbed that at Half-Price Books, and my friend Loretta, who first brought narcissism to my radar.

Investigators believe body Caylee's

It is interesting to note at this point that the Defense team is saying that "a tentative identification had been made" and that they are continuing as if this is Caylee. As the Prosecution is saying that it is "premature, given that the remains have not been positively identified."

It has also been released that strands of hair found with the remains.

Several bags of evidence were taken last night from the home of George and Cindy Anthony. Casey was known to have stay with them, along with Caylee for extended periods of time.

Orange County Sheriff: "Absolutely Something of Interest Found in Anthony Home"

Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said "absolutely" something of interest was found in the search of the Anthony's home. Clues from the house linked the remains to Caylee, items the sheriff described as being very interesting to the forensic team.

During a hearing today, Casey's defense team acknowledged that anthropological measurements and hair color match Caylee. The DNA testing could take as long as seven to fourteen days, even with a priority.

Casey Anthony remains in protective custody at the Orange County Jail, restricted from contact with other inmates. She continues to be under psychological observation, which is not a suicide watch.

As of 12:45 this afternoon, George and Cindy Anthony still plan on appearing on Larry King Live at 9 EST this evening.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nancy Grace, December 11

Crime scene tapes surrounds the Anthony home this evening after skeletal remains were found less than half a mile from the Anthony home.

The remains were found in the back of the Anthony's subdivision in a heavily wooded area, right across the street from Hidden Oaks Elementary School, which both Casey and Lee Anthony attended.

Nancy Grace's sources confirmed that the remains were Caylee. It has been revealed that there is something else that was found in the bag to indicate that. Whatever the something else is, it has prompted another search of the Anthony home. LE has not confirmed this. It is reported that the bag was a trash bag, not see through, wrapped in tape. Allegedly duct tape was present on the skull of the remains, but this has not been confirmed, either.

A forensic expert said that determining the sex of a skeleton that young may be difficult, although it can sometimes be done. Also, if there is any flesh left, toxicology can help determine cause of death.

The remains were taken to the FBI lab in Quantico and although the defense has requested that their own forensic team is present for the exam, it is highly unlikely the request will be granted and the autopsy is likely already underway.

Tim Miller from Texas Equuasearch, who had searched the general area previously, was not able to search this particular area due to the flooding from Hurricane Faye. He said it was the best decision he's ever made, as the evidence could have been disturbed. He has spoken with LE and saw the spot where the find was made, although he did not see the actual evidence. Mr. Miller said it was obvious that the evidence had not been buried and had not moved, and there was an indentation where it had lain.

Although the DA did not request the death penalty in their intial filing, at any time until the trial, the charges can be upgraded to include the death penalty.

Leonard Padilla said, "God put this whole thing together."

Casey Anthony, upon hearing the news of the find, was given a sedative.

Update On Bones Found

According to residents in the area where the bag containing a child's bones were found, the area is woody, and full of snakes. It is also an area that Casey allegedly hang out at with friends during high school. Residents and a news station in Orlando are also saying the bag was plastic and wrapped in duct tape. The skull was also allegedly wrapped with duct tape in the mouth area.

This has not been confirmed by LE.

Nothing is being released stating that there is any evidence indicating that the remains are definitely Caylee.

George and Cindy Anthony were notified of the find and are adopting a "wait and see" attitude. Casey was going to be notified in jail, where she is being held for charges ranging from child abuse to first degree murder.

Update on remains found

Tim Miller, founder of the Texas-based search group Equusearch, said he had been called by law enforcement officials and told they believed they had found Caylee Anthony.

"The words were, 'Tim, it looks like we got her,'" said Miller. "I'm surprised. It was one of them cases I thought would have never been found… I thought the best thing that would ever happen is that one day we could go to a funeral and say good-bye to this little girl… and it looks like that will happen."

Link to CNN

I have created a map to show the distance between the Anthony home and where the remains were found.

Searchers have stated that the area where the remains were found was searched SEVERAL times.

Child's Remains Found Near Anthony Home

From news stations in Florida, a water meter reader has found the remains of a child in a garbage bag. The find was less than a mile from the Anthony's home. When the meter reader picked up the bag, a skull fell out.

The remains were determined to be those of a child, age and gender unknown.

More updates as details emerge.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Larry King Live Recap

After suffering through ten minutes of political talking heads yammering about the disgrace of the Illinois senator, Larry finally got to the Anthonys.

My editorial comments are in red.

It was an in-studio interview. Both George and Cindy were wearing large Caylee buttons and metal ribbons of some type, although I couldn't see exactly what color they were. They were holding hands throughout and it appeared Cindy had notes in front of her, although she didn't seem to refer to them at all.

Really, nothing exceptional or of a bombshell nature came out.

- George and Cindy did not find it strange to not hear from Casey that long. They thought she was off visiting friends. They would generally get a text every day or so, telling them she was okay. Of course, Casey could go off for days at a time to visit friends; she had no job.

-Casey appeared scared to them. They believe she did not go to the police because of threats made about Caylee and the entire family.

- Only recently was a description released of the correct Zenaida Gonzales. Casey had allegedly told LE repeatedly that the Zanni they should be looking for was 24 with no children, not late 30s with 5. The "right" Zanni had a NY driver license and ties to NY and Miami. Police never tried to find the "right" Zanni.

-They continue to receive tips, including one today of Caylee in a grocery store in Tennessee. Their investigator is checking the tip and looking at the tapes. Tips have come in from as far away as California and as close as Orlando of Caylee sightings. Some include people who have been as close as four feet from Caylee. So why didn't these people immediately call 911 and report it? Could it that they are loonie tunes trying to insert themselves into a big case?

-The picture of Caylee partying was taken as a promotion for the club. It was staged and she was paid for it. Was the picture of Casey taken wrapped in an American Flag, on July 4th, sitting on someone's couch holding a beer part of a club promotion that she was paid for as well?

-Caylee's biological father was from the Carolinas and died shortly before Caylee's second birthday and allegedly never had any involvement.

-Law Enforcement made up their minds right away and never pursued any other leads. So I guess tracking down Zenaida Gonzales was just for fun? Even though Casey couldn't even provide a phone number for the woman who was allegedly her daughter's caregiver?

-The Anthonys believe that shows like Nancy Grace's have already convicted Casey.

The Anthonys have written a commentary on the Larry King Live blog.

George And Cindy Anthony On Larry King Live

Just a heads up, George and Cindy Anthony, Casey's parents, will be on Larry King Live tonight. It airs on CNN at 9 p.m. Eastern.

The Trial Of Casey Anthony

This blog has been created to follow the trial of Florida mother Casey Anthony, who's two year old daughter Casey has been missing since summer and is presumed dead.