Friday, January 30, 2009

Trial To Be Rescheduled

Casey Anthony's trial for the murder of her daughter, Caylee, will likely be held later this year, rather that the first trial date of March.
More results from today's hearing later today.

Casey In Court Today

Here is the link to the live feed for the hearing today.

Casey's lead attorney, Jose Baez, argued against Casey appearing in court, claiming that it added to the "circus" atmosphere and could be prejudicial in seating a jury. He claims it paints Casey in a negative light, with speculation about her physical appearance (wan, doughy, and apathetic). The judge shot that down, so Casey is present, hair in a bun, wearing a drab, grey, conservative suit, which I'm fairly certain wasn't hanging in her closet prior to Caylee's death.

To be addressed at today's hearing:
~ The owner of the abandoned house won't return Baez's phone calls and has posted "No Trespassing" signs, thus denying the defense the opportunity to inspect the house.
~ Trial date status
~ Defense's motion to inspect crime scene
~ Confirmation of witnesses' obligation to bring any relevant evidence to court
~ The State's motion to strike the defense's witness list
~The defense's motion to recuse the prosecuting team
~ A request by the defense for access to fingerprint evidence and DNA reports showing that Jesse Grund is not Caylee's father

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

People Mag to Reveal Anthony Family Secrets

Next week's issue of People magazine promises to reveal the Anthony family secrets.

You can get a sneak peek here.

Certainly nothing new revealed in the sneak peak.


Several media outlets are revealing more of the People magazine article's content. The contentious relationship between Casey and Cindy is detailed, including the reverberations that followed throughout the family. A Winnie The Pooh blanket, found with Caylee's remains, has allegedly been matched to a sheet set in Caylee's room.

Jail House Funeral?

Rumors are flying that the Anthony's will finally announce plans for a public memorial for Caylee today. There is also talk that Casey is trying to arrange a jail house funeral. The Sheriff's Department has denied that any motion has been filed and talking heads verify that it would be highly unlikely that Casey would be allowed to participate in any sort of "jailhouse" funeral. She remains in protective custody. The thing smacks of a desperate publicity ploy. Remember: This is the is devoted mother who refused to see the chaplain when told about the discovery of Caylee's body.

Baez Wants Prosecutors Off Case

Casey Anthony's lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, has filed an emergency motion to recuse the entire prosecution team. Baez alleges that the prosecuting attorney's office filed the anonymous complaints with the Florida Bar Association accusing Baez of making entertainment deals pending the outcome of the case. Baez claims they are trying to "secretly ruin his reputation".

He hopes to schedule a hearing before the judge, but it's unlikely that the prosecutors would be called upon to testify.

The motion filed is available here, courtesy of WFTV.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Grandpa George Peels Out Of The Squadron

George Anthony was reported missing late Thursday evening after missing a meeting with the Anthony family attorney.

He had sent text messages to family members indicating that he wished to die. He was tracked by cell phone pings to the Hawaiian Inn Motel at 2:30 a.m. He was taken into custody under Florida's Baker Act, which allows someone to be held for up to 72 hours pending a psychiatric evaluation. The police chief personally drove him to Halifax Hospital after persuading him to seek medical help.

Although no drugs or weapons were found in his motel room, other items of an alarming nature were, along with a suicide note indicating that he "wanted to be with Caylee".

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Latest Document Release

More documents have been released in the case against Casey Anthony. You can read them, courtesy of My Fox Orlando, here.

Among the highlights:

~Caylee's skeletal remains were found in a plastic trash bag that was then placed inside a cloth laundry-type bag.
~A child's tee shirt and shorts, size 3T, were also found in the bag. These are not the same clothes Caylee was wearing the last time her Grandpa George saw her.
~ Nearby were a Winnie The Pooh blanket and a small plastic toy horse.
~ A small heart-shaped sticker was found nearby and the duct tape wrapped around the mouth area of Caylee's skull yielded adhesive residue in a heart shape.

Among the 100+ pages of documents, the search warrant served on the Anthony home directly after the find of Caylee's skeletal remains and crime scene technicians' reports were included. Other items listed in the search warrant were similar toy horses, scrapbook and crafting materials, and sticker sheets.

Meter Reader Receives $5000 Reward

Ray Kronk, the meter reader who discovered Caylee's remains after calling in various tips to the sheriff's department, has received the $5000 reward offered by the Anthony's former attorney.

In related news, the deputy who responded to his calls has been reassigned to desk duty, and is under investigation. He is no longer allowed to represent himself as law enforcement or take law enforcement actionand had to turn in all of his equipment until at least the end of the Caylee Anthony investigation. In other words, he has the same rank as a civil employee.

Mr. Kronk said that the deputy was abrupt and didn't really look and the areas Mr. Kronk had pointed out and appeared to just blow him off.

Is Baez Shopping Deals?

WFTV has reported that they have uncovered a source that claims Jose Baez, the lead defense attorney, is shopping entertainment deals based upon the outcome of the trial. Rumors abound these deals have paid for the defense and at least one payment of $200,000 has been made. Allegedly, a complaint has been made to the State's Attorney. The office of the State's Attorney, however, made it clear that the complaint would not properly be handled by the State's Attorney office, but rather the Florida Bar and the Court. Judge Strickland, the trial judge, is aware of the concerns and if there is merit, would likely address the concerns in a hearing for the record.

Baez's spokesperson has denied this and responded that Baez has been working on licensing fees but receives no profit in it.

Of course, if it proves to be true that the defense is receiving money for entertainment rights, it would be a gross violation of ethics and a conflict of interest.

Jose Baez has also avoided questions regarding the funding of the defense with its team of high-priced expert witnesses and it's logical to assume that not all of them are working pro bono.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Casey says that she is a victim!

It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that in newly released taped jail visits between Casey and Cindy/George that Casey states, "This is seriously the first time I've been angry, that I've been frustrated to the point where I can't even think straight at this moment. "
She goes on to say, "The worst part is nobody can see my side and I have to keep my mouth shut."

In other news, Equusearch is now saying that the cost of searching for Caylee was over $100,000 and because of the state of the economy that was a heavy hit to them. I hope they have a large amount of donations coming in so they can continue to do their heroic efforts and search for those who are endangered.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Note About This Blog

We're hoping this blog can be a one-stop place to get all the pertinent news about the case against Casey Anthony. We do this by following the news in the media. This includes the Orlando Sentinel, various Orlando television stations, cable news shows such as Nancy Grace and Larry King Live, and mainstream national news like ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.

We try to keep our opinions to a minimum and avoid speculation, rumors, and innuendo unless they are overwhelmingly in the news. An example would be the rumor that Lee, Casey's brother, is Caylee's biological father.

There is only one forum I participate in that discusses the Anthony case, and it is not a crime forum, per se. It's actually a celebrity death site. I deliberately avoid crime forums because not only have I had bad experiences, I think they are full of rumor, speculation, projection and exaggeration of facts. And they have the tendency to get nasty.

I can not speak for my co-authors, Dearheart and October Sky, but I suspect the same. We are also women who have busy lives and what time is spent online is more for quality, not quantity.

Comments are open and I encourage them. Say hello, tell us how you like the blog, and if you have a media link you think we should cover, please post it. We will not, however, babysit the blog and will expect a high level of courteous behavior. If it gets out of hand, comments will be closed and you can start your own blog and comment to your heart's content. We're all adults, we're all interested in seeing justice done for Caylee Anthony. That's why we're here.

The Private Investigators Video Controversy

The video taken by the private investigators hired by the Anthony family is causing a tremendous amount of controversy.

The abandoned house has been empty for over a year. It was owned by a "H. Gonzales" who returned to Puerto Rico. Before that, it was owned by another person with the surname "Gonzalez" who was from New York City.

Gonzalez is also the last name of Casey's imaginary nanny, who she claimed was from New York. To reiterate, none of Casey's family or friends have ever met, talked to, or seen this nanny and law enforcement does not believe she exists. Casey also said this nanny had a key to the Anthony family home, so mix that up with the fact that George used to be a homicide cop and determine how likely that would be.

A psychic contacted Nancy Grace and claimed she was the one on the phone with Dominic Casey in the video tape. She had apparently had some sort of "hit" on that spot. She also claims that she has not been able to retrieve her cell phone records from Verizon; a claim that many believe is an outright lie.

On Geraldo, the Anthony's attorney says that the video proves that there was no body in the area in November, implying that it had to have been placed there after Casey was already making her home in the Orange County Jail, ordering makeup, beef jerky and Pop Tarts from the commissary, and listening to her transparent transistor radio.

According to WFTV, there are photos taken of the site by the private investigators that are much more revealing than the video. They could be released some time next week.

In the meantime, Caylee's remains are still at the strip mall funeral home. Allegedly, the Anthony's are leaning towards cremation, since they think someone may try to dig up the grave. Still, no arrangements have been made, either cremation, burial, or even a simple memorial service.

**Note** A big shout out to my friend Kimba for providing much of this information.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meter Reader Speaks

This morning, Ray Kronk, the meter reader who found Caylee Anthony's remains after phoning in previous tips about the area, spoke to Good Morning America.

Rumors have swirled around Mr. Kronk. The two most persistent rumors are that he was tipped off by someone to look in the area because his supervisor lives down the street from the Anthony's or that he was somehow involved in Caylee's disappearance. Mr. Kronk went on camera today to set the record straight. He reiterated that he has never met the Anthonys and had been a bail bondsman and in the Coast Guard and acted on his own hunches. He was only trying to do the right thing by reporting the area as a spot of interest until he actually found Caylee's remains.

Watch his interview here.

Video Of Anthony's Private Investigators

WFTV in Orlando has obtained partial footage of the Anthony's private investigators videotaping the area where Caylee's remains were found. You can view the video here.

The video of Dominic Casey was shot by Jim Hoover. You can see Mr. Casey poking around in trash bags near an abandoned house, wandering the woods in his best Indiana Jones mode, and poking the ground with a metal rod. He's also talking on his cell phone.

The WFTV reporter, who saw the entire video with audio, said Mr. Casey can be heard saying, "It should be right there." Mr. Hoover, who was shooting the video, told police that Mr. Casey had said Caylee was dead and that they were going to find her. The days they searched the area, however, much of it was still submerged in water from the hurricane.

There is much speculation as to who Mr. Casey was speaking to on his cell phone. At various times, it's been alleged that it was Mr. Casey's daughter, who was ill, or a psychic. A psychic had alerted to the area back in August, as a matter of fact. It doesn't appear that Mr. Casey was speaking to that psychic, though. The area was also a big teen hangout, and it's been suggested that someone told Mr. Casey that Casey Anthony used to spend a lot of time there. Mr. Casey has not turned over his cell phone records but law enforcement will no doubt examine them thoroughly.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Court Updates

Today's hearing before Judge Strickland will address the release of autopsy information to the defense. Judge Strickland has already made it clear that there will be limits placed on viewing the autopsy findings due to concern that the information or pictures will be sold for profit. Today, he is expected to rule on the protocol to be used by the defense with regards to the autopsy.

The defense has also requested records from Texas Equusearch. They would like all the maps used in the searches, information on volunteers and all communications between the searchers and the investigators. Judge Strickland is expected to set a date for that hearing.

Brad Conway, Cindy and George Anthony's attorney, has clarified his reasons for seeking immunity for them. He said it would be incompetent of him, as their attorney, to let them speak to the FBI or Orange County Sheriff Department, without protecting them from self-incrimination or invoking their Fifth Amendment rights. He wants the Anthony's to be able to tell what they need to tell without fear of future ramifications.

Mr. Conway also set the record straight as to why Cindy and George have not visited Casey in jail and were not at the latest hearing where she was summoned to appear. Since the jail videotapes all visits, and the visits are released to the media, Cindy and George have chosen not to visit to avoid the "circus." They did not attend the latest hearing because Casey was summoned in the midst of the hearing.

Contrary to rumors, no charges against anyone else in the family are pending or expected.

Caylee "Intentionally Killed"; Casey Alone Responsible

Local 6 News in Orlando is reporting that a source from law enforcement has confirmed that Casey Anthony intentionally killed her daughter and that Casey alone is responsible for the death.

Law enforcement appears to be basing this on a time line established by forensic botanists and entomologists, along with autopsy findings, pinpointing the time frame that the murder took place. The Oakridge National Laboratory established that Caylee was killed on June 16, spent two days in the truck of the car, then was dumped in the wooded swampy spot where her skeletal remains were found.

The "overwhelming" evidence pointing to Casey as the sole murderer:
~Hair, with a "ring of death" in the trunk of the car Casey was driving matched hair found with Caylee's remains
~Duct tape present on the mouth area of Caylee's skull
~The high levels of chloroform in the trunk of the car
~Cell phone pings placing Casey in the area where the remains were found

I've also read rumors of the death penalty being back in play, but I haven't been able to confirm this as actually coming from the prosecuting attorney's office versus media speculation.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today's Rulings In Anthony Case

picture courtesy of FNC
Rulings came down in the case against Casey Anthony. First, Casey must be present during court hearings; she can no longer waive her right to appear. She was brought to the hearing today from her cell at the Orange County Jail, wearing her smartest navy blue jumpsuit that identifies her as an inmate, accessorized with dull silver handcuffs.
Judge Strickland also imposed restrictions on the defense's use of the autopsy information. He will detail the specific restrictions at a later date.
Judge Stickland ruled that although Zenaida Gonzalez's lawyers may not depose Casey on video or by tape while she is in jail, they can submit written questions to her.Casey and her attorneys will have 30 days in which to respond.

Did Anthony's Private Investigator Know Where Caylee's Remains Were?

Video courtesy of WFTV.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prosecutors Requesting Limits On Autopsy Releases

The prosecutors in the Casey Anthony murder trial are requesting limitations to be placed on who is able to view the autopsy information. The information is contained on three disks and prosecutors are concerned about the information being used for profit.

Both still and video images of Caylee Anthony alive have fetched big bucks. While the prosecution isn't implying that the defense will leak the autopsy, they are concerned that it might end up in the hands of someone who would sell the results. They are asking the judge to limit the distribution; no email, no mailing, no copying, printing or reproduction. The information would have to reviewed in defense attorney Jose Baez's presence.

Casey Anthony's Access To The News

Although the media is saturated with the Casey Anthony case, Casey herself has limited access to what is being said. As a jail spokesperson said, "She's not watching Nancy Grace."

The Orange County Jail does have a tv in the common area, but only local channels are available and it is rarely turned on. Casey does have a radio, which is transparent to prevent contraband and is designed just for jail and prison inmates. Casey can ask to watch tv during her daily "hour out" of her cell, time generally reserved for showering and exercise. Orange County Jail inmates are allowed to subscribe to newspapers, but papers are not available in common areas. There is no Internet access and all incoming mail is inspected and some outgoing mail as well.

No decision has made yet if Casey will be allowed to view the memorial if it is televised. No word on whether she has actually asked to watch it. No date or time has been set for either the public memorial or private funeral service.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Civil Case Hearing Postponed

Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman who shares the name of Casey Anthony's imaginary nanny, is suing Casey Anthony for defamation. Ms. Gonzalez has no connection to Casey Anthony in any way other than having looked at an apartment available for rent at Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey claimed she dropped off Caylee. The apartment Casey pointed out, however, hadn't been occupied for some time, and never by Ms. Gonzalez. Ms. Gonzalez is suing since she has been having trouble finding a place to live or securing a job, due to the taint of the Anthony case. She hopes to clear her name permanently.

Casey's attorneys, however, maintain that the suit is all a publicity stunt and have filed a countersuit.

Although testimony was slated to begin today, the judge presiding has scheduled a formal hearing later in the week.

Casey Anthony will be testifying, under oath, at the Orange County Jail. She will, of course, have the option of invoking her fifth amendment right against self-incrimination.