Saturday, April 25, 2009

Defense Reveals Trial Strategy

Jose Baez, Casey's lead attorney, revealed some of the defense strategy for trial. He claims the prosecution can show no cause of death; there were no witnesses to the crime; and there is no direct link between Casey and Caylee's remains.

(Side note: I know, I think he needs to put down the bong on that last statement, as well.)

He also plans on throwing out the ever-popular defense chestnut of "junk science". Baez plans to present the air samples in Casey's car trunk were analyzed using an unreliable technique and shouldn't be used in trial at all. His "junk science" plan also includes the seventeen hairs found in Casey's trunk that showed no signs of decomposition.

(Side note again: But won't those just show more likelihood that Casey used Xanny, as in Xanax, as the Nanny, or chloroform, and put Caylee in the trunk when Casey was out partying?")

In the civil case against Casey brought by Zenaida Gonalez, motions have been filed to compel George and Cindy to answer the questions they refused to respond to in the deposition. It will likely end up in court.


Anonymous said...

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podinmo said...

one of her attns leave the case, another takes her place,there was the stuff on the computer, the sticker,and other items found i n the home that were a match,there was a connection,it was her damned car. she lied and lied,and the baby was gone for a month before anyone even knew, the car was hidden,and it was because the baby had started to rot in the trunk. this beautiful little girl,that some people would have given anything to be able to love and protect,and care for. if casey wanted the party life,she should have just gone in,sat down,and said i don't wanna be a mom,i want my freedom,but then she would have been cut of from finicial help from the family, and that wouldn't have help the party girl at all,but that would not help the party girl with the funds,so this baby was just trashed.let's also not forget the diary and tat. this case not only makes you think yes to death as a penilty,but a slow and painful one,it is in her eyes,and actions,she doesn't give a crap and she doesn't feel so bad about anything. her biggest reaction was over getting caught,and when it has something to do with her having been involved. who is paying for the crack-pot dt? is this funded from the find caylee money that pouring in for CAYLEE? i am sure it's not all free.all i can think about is the baby.