Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Push For The Death Penalty Now?

The State's Attorneys Office has put the death penalty back on the table as possible punishment for Casey Anthony because the case meets mitigating circumstances that call for the death penalty. Two of those circumstances are that Caylee was a child, and was vunrable since she was allegedly killed by her own mother.

Soil samples taken from Casey's shoes also match soil from the swampy area where Caylee's body was dumped. The samples were subjected to an elevated, highly technical set of tests to insure the match.


Ronni said...

Maybe they want something to bargain with. Like, you won't get death if you confess?

I think that the police, like us, want to know Casey's thought process, to try and find where someone could have intervened and prevented Caylee's death.

Lisa said...

But according to Casey, she's INNOCENT! There is nothing to tell!


I think it would be useful in other cases to understand her thought process, but I don't think she plans on being truthful at all, ever. I think she's got the Scott Peterson thing going. He's still innocent, as well.