Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Public Memorial Highlights

Yesterday, the public memorial for Caylee Anthony was held. An estimated 1100 mourners filled The First Baptist Church in Orlando. Casey Anthony, of course, was not present, since she is still in the Orange County Jail. During the service, she met with her lead attorney, Jose Baez, and had not made any request to watch the televised service.

During her eulogy, Cindy remarked that she misses watching the love Caylee shared with Casey. "It breaks my heart that Casey's not with us today to honor the child she loves so very very much." Speaking directly to Casey, Cindy said, "I love you and I wish I could comfort you right now...Caylee is so much like you. She got your beauty and your compassion, and she got your spirit."



Ronni said...

Gag me with a chainsaw!

CountryGirl said...

Can you believe that? That's beyond d-e-n-i-a-l.