Monday, February 9, 2009

Public Memorial Finally Scheduled; Cindy Writes Eulogy

The public memorial for Caylee Anthony has finally been announced. Her grandmother, Cindy, has written an eulogy, which can be read here. What are your thoughts on the eulogy? I found it rather strange.

George was released from the hospital Friday and will be continuing with outpatient care.


Ronni said...

Where's that upchuck icon when you need it? I wouldn't go to her circus if I lived right across the street! And her eulogy is awful, culminating with a pitch for donations to several organizations and a press release about her own foundation.

eelpie said...

Hey Mrs. Watson, haven't seen you at FAD in a bit. You haven't been banned have you??

eelpie said...

I found this odd:

The foundation's purpose will be to continue to generate awareness for missing children and to establish programs to assist in the well-being of those children in need of comfort and support during difficult and stressful times.

What does that mean? Support for the child if the mother is an idiot who would rather party than take care of her child?

CountryGirl said...

Slain Florida girl Caylee Anthony remembered

Casey Anthony's parents, George and Cindy, who arranged the public service, urged mourners to support their daughter.

"It breaks my heart today that Casey isn't here today to honor her child who she loved so much," Cindy Anthony said during the eulogy. "Casey, I hope you're listening to this. I wish I could comfort you. I wish I could take away your pain and wipe away your tears."

Gag me!

Lisa said...

Heh, CG, you're reading my mind. I'm going to post that exact quote because it was just so out there.