Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shocking Revelations In Latest Document Dump

More documents have been released today:

~Upon being told that Caylee's remains had been found, Casey hyperventilated and asked for medication
~The laundry bag with Caylee's remains matched a laundry bag found in the Anthony home.
~ A journal entry from Casey's diary, dated June 21, five days after Caylee was last seen, says this: "This is the happiest I have been in a long regrets, just a bit worried...I completely trust my own judgement and knew that I made the right decision..."
~The backing of a heart-shaped sticker, with the sticker missing, was found in the Anthony home, a possible match for the sticker found on the duct tape placed on Caylee's skull.
~Cindy Anthony reported a Winne the Pooh blanket was missing from Caylee's bed and a Winnie the Pooh blanket was found near the remains
~Also found near the remains were a syringe, a Gatorade ™ bottle with liquid and white residue and pieces of a Pull-Up™ type diaper.

The entire document can be read here, courtesy of My Fox Orlando.

Rumor also has it that it may be early next year until the case goes to trial. The death penalty has not been put back on the table, yet.


CountryGirl said...

This makes me sick. If this doesn't quash her parent's denial, nothing will. They can join Ma Peterson in lalaland.

Ronni said...

I think they are already citizens...