Thursday, March 12, 2009

Casey Anthony Back In Court Today

In a hearing scheduled for 3:30 today, Casey Anthony will be back in court. Jose Baez, Casey's lead defense attorney, is set to argue motions regarding forensic evidence in the case. Baez wants law enforcement to produce all DNA notes and reports, the standards used for testing forensic evidence, who tested the evidence and how it was done, and the credentials of those doing the testing.

Other recent news confirms that the Orlando jail did videotape Casey meeting with Baez after the discovery of Caylee's body. Law enforcement confirms that it is standard procedure to video in the reception area of the jail, where Casey met with her attorney, for security and safety reasons. This contradicted the defense's claim that it was "secretly" taped. Sources claim that the tape shows Baez crying and wiping his eyes, while Casey turns her head away and crosses her arms. No word on whether or not this occurred before or after Casey allegedly hyperventilated and asked for medication.

In an affidavit, Casey added a handwritten note, stating, "I believe that Mr. Ashton [the prosecutor] is angry because I have refused to take a plea agreement for a crime that I did not commit." The affidavit concerns the motion regarding who exactly is paying for Casey's defense and will be addressed at a later hearing.

Brother Lee has refused to answer two questions in the civil depositions in the lawsuit brought by Zenaida Gonazales, the woman who shared Casey's imaginary nanny's name. The questions? Who is Caylee's biological father and does Brother Lee think Casey had anything to do with Caylee's death.

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Melissa said...

What do those 2 questions have to do with a defamation suit?