Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Show Me The Money

Casey Anthony is due in court for a hearing today to determine where the money funding her defense is coming from. Casey has a dream team of defense attorneys and expert witnesses, and this writer doubts if these professionals are providing their services pro bono because they are certain of Casey's innocence.

According to the prosecutors, Casey's "conversion from pauper to princess did not come from the sale of some tangible asset" and only her story has monetary value at this point. Cindy and George have already shown during a bail hearing, that they have little, if any, net worth.

Casey signed an affidavit previously, stating that her lead attorney, Jose Baez, has no clause in his retainer entitling him to sell pictures or videos. Baez, of course, would be working under a conflict of interest if he did, since it could determine how he handles the case.

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