Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chloroform In Caylee's Hair?

During a segment on Geraldo Rivera's show, Dr. Michael Baden, a well-renowned forensic expert, let slip that chloroform was found on Caylee's hair.

Dr. Baden is married to one of Caylee's Dream Team defense attorneys, Linda Kenney Baden.

Dr. Baden later backtracked and claimed he misspoke; that the toxicology tests that would indicate if chloroform was on Caylee's hair have not yet come back.

Another talking head forensic expert said that if the chloroform was used only once or twice, it would not be possible to show a trace in Caylee's hair. However, if it had been used on Caylee multiple times, it could show in hair follicle testing.

Another hurry up and wait situation.


Melissa said...

If that turns out to be true, then it will verify what I always believed happened.

I think she killed her accidentally and then panicked. She chloroforms kid so she can party. Its worked before so she doesnt think its dangerous. The last time was fatal.

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