Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lee Not Caylee's Father

Through DNA testing by the FBI, Casey Anthony's brother, Lee, has been ruled out as Caylee's biological father. Rumors have swirled for months that Lee was Caylee's father, due to Casey's claims that Lee had always "bugged" her for sex and "admissions" Casey had made to two previous lovers that Lee had "molested" her. This author has always believed that Casey's claim of incest at the hands of Lee was just another one of Casey's classically histrionic narcissistic ploys to garner attention.

The paternity question surfaced again, during Lee's deposition for the civil case brought by Zenaida Gonzales; as commenter Melissa said on the previous post, what does this has to do with a civil deposition? Regardless of the connection, there it is: Lee is not Caylee's father.

George and Cindy, who previously claimed to be too emotionally fragile to testify in the civil suit, have now said that they will be deposed for sworn testimony, which will be videotaped, in April.

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