Friday, January 16, 2009

Casey says that she is a victim!

It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that in newly released taped jail visits between Casey and Cindy/George that Casey states, "This is seriously the first time I've been angry, that I've been frustrated to the point where I can't even think straight at this moment. "
She goes on to say, "The worst part is nobody can see my side and I have to keep my mouth shut."

In other news, Equusearch is now saying that the cost of searching for Caylee was over $100,000 and because of the state of the economy that was a heavy hit to them. I hope they have a large amount of donations coming in so they can continue to do their heroic efforts and search for those who are endangered.

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Ronni said...

I sent them what I could, which is very little, but perhaps if everyone does, it will help. I've been on a search that was led by Tim, for a young woman missing here in Texas.

If we wait until we can afford to send a big donation, we'll never get to it. If we send a little one, and skip the Starbucks for a month, it's better.