Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Casey Anthony's Access To The News

Although the media is saturated with the Casey Anthony case, Casey herself has limited access to what is being said. As a jail spokesperson said, "She's not watching Nancy Grace."

The Orange County Jail does have a tv in the common area, but only local channels are available and it is rarely turned on. Casey does have a radio, which is transparent to prevent contraband and is designed just for jail and prison inmates. Casey can ask to watch tv during her daily "hour out" of her cell, time generally reserved for showering and exercise. Orange County Jail inmates are allowed to subscribe to newspapers, but papers are not available in common areas. There is no Internet access and all incoming mail is inspected and some outgoing mail as well.

No decision has made yet if Casey will be allowed to view the memorial if it is televised. No word on whether she has actually asked to watch it. No date or time has been set for either the public memorial or private funeral service.

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