Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Note About This Blog

We're hoping this blog can be a one-stop place to get all the pertinent news about the case against Casey Anthony. We do this by following the news in the media. This includes the Orlando Sentinel, various Orlando television stations, cable news shows such as Nancy Grace and Larry King Live, and mainstream national news like ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.

We try to keep our opinions to a minimum and avoid speculation, rumors, and innuendo unless they are overwhelmingly in the news. An example would be the rumor that Lee, Casey's brother, is Caylee's biological father.

There is only one forum I participate in that discusses the Anthony case, and it is not a crime forum, per se. It's actually a celebrity death site. I deliberately avoid crime forums because not only have I had bad experiences, I think they are full of rumor, speculation, projection and exaggeration of facts. And they have the tendency to get nasty.

I can not speak for my co-authors, Dearheart and October Sky, but I suspect the same. We are also women who have busy lives and what time is spent online is more for quality, not quantity.

Comments are open and I encourage them. Say hello, tell us how you like the blog, and if you have a media link you think we should cover, please post it. We will not, however, babysit the blog and will expect a high level of courteous behavior. If it gets out of hand, comments will be closed and you can start your own blog and comment to your heart's content. We're all adults, we're all interested in seeing justice done for Caylee Anthony. That's why we're here.

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Ronni said...

What did you think of the just-released August 17th (?) interview?

The girl is clueless and scary at the same time.

She really has no idea how bad her statements sound. Every single time her parents want to fish for information, she either blows up or turns the conversation back to her. SHE's a victim. SHE's sick. SHE's all alone. Wah, wah.

She also contradicts herself several times. She's obviously used to saying whatever and having her parents buy into it. Now that her brother isn't, she refuses to see him.

She can't handle hard questions because she has no answers, is what she says. She has answers all right, but none of them do her any good.