Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Private Investigators Video Controversy

The video taken by the private investigators hired by the Anthony family is causing a tremendous amount of controversy.

The abandoned house has been empty for over a year. It was owned by a "H. Gonzales" who returned to Puerto Rico. Before that, it was owned by another person with the surname "Gonzalez" who was from New York City.

Gonzalez is also the last name of Casey's imaginary nanny, who she claimed was from New York. To reiterate, none of Casey's family or friends have ever met, talked to, or seen this nanny and law enforcement does not believe she exists. Casey also said this nanny had a key to the Anthony family home, so mix that up with the fact that George used to be a homicide cop and determine how likely that would be.

A psychic contacted Nancy Grace and claimed she was the one on the phone with Dominic Casey in the video tape. She had apparently had some sort of "hit" on that spot. She also claims that she has not been able to retrieve her cell phone records from Verizon; a claim that many believe is an outright lie.

On Geraldo, the Anthony's attorney says that the video proves that there was no body in the area in November, implying that it had to have been placed there after Casey was already making her home in the Orange County Jail, ordering makeup, beef jerky and Pop Tarts from the commissary, and listening to her transparent transistor radio.

According to WFTV, there are photos taken of the site by the private investigators that are much more revealing than the video. They could be released some time next week.

In the meantime, Caylee's remains are still at the strip mall funeral home. Allegedly, the Anthony's are leaning towards cremation, since they think someone may try to dig up the grave. Still, no arrangements have been made, either cremation, burial, or even a simple memorial service.

**Note** A big shout out to my friend Kimba for providing much of this information.

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