Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is Baez Shopping Deals?

WFTV has reported that they have uncovered a source that claims Jose Baez, the lead defense attorney, is shopping entertainment deals based upon the outcome of the trial. Rumors abound these deals have paid for the defense and at least one payment of $200,000 has been made. Allegedly, a complaint has been made to the State's Attorney. The office of the State's Attorney, however, made it clear that the complaint would not properly be handled by the State's Attorney office, but rather the Florida Bar and the Court. Judge Strickland, the trial judge, is aware of the concerns and if there is merit, would likely address the concerns in a hearing for the record.

Baez's spokesperson has denied this and responded that Baez has been working on licensing fees but receives no profit in it.

Of course, if it proves to be true that the defense is receiving money for entertainment rights, it would be a gross violation of ethics and a conflict of interest.

Jose Baez has also avoided questions regarding the funding of the defense with its team of high-priced expert witnesses and it's logical to assume that not all of them are working pro bono.

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