Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prosecutors Requesting Limits On Autopsy Releases

The prosecutors in the Casey Anthony murder trial are requesting limitations to be placed on who is able to view the autopsy information. The information is contained on three disks and prosecutors are concerned about the information being used for profit.

Both still and video images of Caylee Anthony alive have fetched big bucks. While the prosecution isn't implying that the defense will leak the autopsy, they are concerned that it might end up in the hands of someone who would sell the results. They are asking the judge to limit the distribution; no email, no mailing, no copying, printing or reproduction. The information would have to reviewed in defense attorney Jose Baez's presence.


CountryGirl said...

P.I. Says Partner Knew Where Caylee Anthony's Body Was

Unreal. Just unreal.

Lisa said...

Thanks, CG. Have to check that out. I'm at the point where nothing in this case would surprise me anymore.