Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Civil Case Hearing Postponed

Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman who shares the name of Casey Anthony's imaginary nanny, is suing Casey Anthony for defamation. Ms. Gonzalez has no connection to Casey Anthony in any way other than having looked at an apartment available for rent at Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey claimed she dropped off Caylee. The apartment Casey pointed out, however, hadn't been occupied for some time, and never by Ms. Gonzalez. Ms. Gonzalez is suing since she has been having trouble finding a place to live or securing a job, due to the taint of the Anthony case. She hopes to clear her name permanently.

Casey's attorneys, however, maintain that the suit is all a publicity stunt and have filed a countersuit.

Although testimony was slated to begin today, the judge presiding has scheduled a formal hearing later in the week.

Casey Anthony will be testifying, under oath, at the Orange County Jail. She will, of course, have the option of invoking her fifth amendment right against self-incrimination.


Ronni said...



What has Zenaida Gonzalez done to her?

Ronni said...


"In this motion, the state argues that substantial licensing fees have been paid for pictures and video of Caylee taken while she was alive. That is why prosecutors want the judge to place special restrictions on digitized images of the remains before they hand them over to attorney Jose Baez and his defense team."

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Have you read this? She's got some good stuff going on.

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I found this at Scared Monkeys. It's a petition to try to get ABC to stop negotiations with the Anthonys to the rights to the funeral pics, etc.