Monday, January 12, 2009

Court Updates

Today's hearing before Judge Strickland will address the release of autopsy information to the defense. Judge Strickland has already made it clear that there will be limits placed on viewing the autopsy findings due to concern that the information or pictures will be sold for profit. Today, he is expected to rule on the protocol to be used by the defense with regards to the autopsy.

The defense has also requested records from Texas Equusearch. They would like all the maps used in the searches, information on volunteers and all communications between the searchers and the investigators. Judge Strickland is expected to set a date for that hearing.

Brad Conway, Cindy and George Anthony's attorney, has clarified his reasons for seeking immunity for them. He said it would be incompetent of him, as their attorney, to let them speak to the FBI or Orange County Sheriff Department, without protecting them from self-incrimination or invoking their Fifth Amendment rights. He wants the Anthony's to be able to tell what they need to tell without fear of future ramifications.

Mr. Conway also set the record straight as to why Cindy and George have not visited Casey in jail and were not at the latest hearing where she was summoned to appear. Since the jail videotapes all visits, and the visits are released to the media, Cindy and George have chosen not to visit to avoid the "circus." They did not attend the latest hearing because Casey was summoned in the midst of the hearing.

Contrary to rumors, no charges against anyone else in the family are pending or expected.

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