Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is there a video of the murder scene?

On the Nancy Grace show tonight it was revealed that there may be a videotape of the murder scene. This could be one of two locations 1> Where the body was found 2> Where Caylee was actually killed.
Does this show that the body was NOT there during the first searches? That would raise countless questions.

There also appears to be evidence that states a search was done for an episode of One Tree Hill that concerns a kidnapping by a nanny. This raises even more questions! Did Casey download a lot of television shows and this just happened to be one of them. Or was this one of the only (or few) TV shows found on the computers. Since the case so far has a lot of circumstantial evidence and this is another piece. Not damning on it's own but when added to the information we already know, it makes you think.

And Casey ordered $40 more of snacks today. More beef jerky and candy! She has not had ANY visitors (expect her lawyers) since the end of September. It's not that she can't have visitors. No one has come. Were friends and family (especially Lee, Cindy and George) advised to not visit her? She also has not had any phone calls. Not even a holiday call?


Ronni said...

There is a rumour circulating that Casey got so mad at her parents over George testifying before the Grand Jury--at him for doing it and at Cindy for ALLOWING it--that she refuses to speak to them, which is why Cindy said, "It's up to Casey," when asked when she was going to visit. Supposedly Cindy promised Casey that her dad would NOT testify.

There is something very wrong with this entire family.

Susan said...

If this body in the garbage bag was being moved around--that is really weird.
Anyone have an idea why the body was not buried? This area was known to Casey as a place she had previously buried things.
Just to throw a bag into the woods seems kind of weird to me.

Did anyone see Nancy Grace last night--the interview with Casey's friend Amy was really interesting. I think that all Casey's friends are distancing themselves from her--so of course they wont visit. Plus, doesnt Casey have to put them on the prison list of allowed visitors? Maybe she didnt!

Ronni said...

The area was under water for several months, so, for all we know, Casey could have put her in a shallow grave. I doubt it, though, as she doesn't seem the type to get dirty digging a hole big enough to bury Caylee. After all, hamsters don't require quite as much space as a small child.

Ronni said...

I haven't watched Nancy in a while--I got so sick of the phrase "tot mom," that I'm ready to get out my beanie babies just to throw them at the TV.

Susan said...

HAHAHAHA--I wondered where that "tot mom" phrase came from. . .but I agree that it is losing its shine.

I had a very weird fleeting thought that the utility guy had some involvement in moving the bag around. . .but I go back and forth on that.