Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hair on Duct Tape

According to Nancy Grace's sources, there was long, light hair attached to the duct tape found on the skull. The duct tape was allegedly wrapped all the way around the skull.

Casey Anthony has been removed from psychological observation. She remains in a cell by herself with no contact with other inmates.

The search in the woods a quarter mile from the Anthony's home, where the skull and other bones were initially found, continues. Authorities hope to clear the scene within the next day.


Ronni said...

Now they are saying that the search area has been expanded and they won't be done until tomorrow or maybe Friday.

Ronni said...

Nancy Grace's comments have been off the mark more than once in her discussions of this case. I swear, if I hear her say "tot mom" one more time, I'm going to resurrect my stash of beanie babies!

If there is a "long, light-coloured hair," I hope they sent the hair for DNA analysis. Caylee's hair seemed dark in her photos.

Deege said...

I thought the same thing, Ronni. Caylee's hair does seem dark.

As for Nancy Grace, she is all sensationalism all the time. If it isn't gruesome enough, she'll embellish. She really fits better with Fox, doesn't she?