Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nancy Grace, December 11

Crime scene tapes surrounds the Anthony home this evening after skeletal remains were found less than half a mile from the Anthony home.

The remains were found in the back of the Anthony's subdivision in a heavily wooded area, right across the street from Hidden Oaks Elementary School, which both Casey and Lee Anthony attended.

Nancy Grace's sources confirmed that the remains were Caylee. It has been revealed that there is something else that was found in the bag to indicate that. Whatever the something else is, it has prompted another search of the Anthony home. LE has not confirmed this. It is reported that the bag was a trash bag, not see through, wrapped in tape. Allegedly duct tape was present on the skull of the remains, but this has not been confirmed, either.

A forensic expert said that determining the sex of a skeleton that young may be difficult, although it can sometimes be done. Also, if there is any flesh left, toxicology can help determine cause of death.

The remains were taken to the FBI lab in Quantico and although the defense has requested that their own forensic team is present for the exam, it is highly unlikely the request will be granted and the autopsy is likely already underway.

Tim Miller from Texas Equuasearch, who had searched the general area previously, was not able to search this particular area due to the flooding from Hurricane Faye. He said it was the best decision he's ever made, as the evidence could have been disturbed. He has spoken with LE and saw the spot where the find was made, although he did not see the actual evidence. Mr. Miller said it was obvious that the evidence had not been buried and had not moved, and there was an indentation where it had lain.

Although the DA did not request the death penalty in their intial filing, at any time until the trial, the charges can be upgraded to include the death penalty.

Leonard Padilla said, "God put this whole thing together."

Casey Anthony, upon hearing the news of the find, was given a sedative.