Friday, December 12, 2008

Nancy Grace, December 12

Jane Velez-Mitchell was sitting in for Nancy Grace tonight.

LE has now confirmed that they are confident that the remains found do belong to Caylee. The autopsy is being, or has been, conducted at the Orange County Medical Examiners office and after a discussion with the FBI, specific samples will be sent to Quanitco for extensive forensic testing, including DNA and advanced toxicology.

The defense team did ask to attend the autopsy, which was met by a resounding no, since the remains have not been conclusively determined to be Caylee; what if the remains weren't Caylee? Incredibly improper to view another child's autopsy. On the flip side, the defense can now claim they were not allowed access to the autopsy.

Some of the items removed during the most recent search of the Anthony's home included vacuum cleaners and bags, chemicals for cleaning the pool, pillows, a shop vac and pesticides.

Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter who posted the initial bail for Casey, baby-sat her while she was on house arrest and launched several searches, gave his theory on the killing. He felt that she routinely drugged Caylee and put her in the trunk and the duct tape was to keep her from screaming or crying if she woke up. He thinks Casey panicked when her father got so close to the car and wanted to look in the trunk. Casey then took Caylee and dumped her in the area in which she was found.

According to one of the talking head defense attorneys on the show, with the find of the remains, the case went from being a strong circumstantial case to a case with hard evidence, making it that much more difficult to raise reasonable doubt.