Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Larry King Live Recap

After suffering through ten minutes of political talking heads yammering about the disgrace of the Illinois senator, Larry finally got to the Anthonys.

My editorial comments are in red.

It was an in-studio interview. Both George and Cindy were wearing large Caylee buttons and metal ribbons of some type, although I couldn't see exactly what color they were. They were holding hands throughout and it appeared Cindy had notes in front of her, although she didn't seem to refer to them at all.

Really, nothing exceptional or of a bombshell nature came out.

- George and Cindy did not find it strange to not hear from Casey that long. They thought she was off visiting friends. They would generally get a text every day or so, telling them she was okay. Of course, Casey could go off for days at a time to visit friends; she had no job.

-Casey appeared scared to them. They believe she did not go to the police because of threats made about Caylee and the entire family.

- Only recently was a description released of the correct Zenaida Gonzales. Casey had allegedly told LE repeatedly that the Zanni they should be looking for was 24 with no children, not late 30s with 5. The "right" Zanni had a NY driver license and ties to NY and Miami. Police never tried to find the "right" Zanni.

-They continue to receive tips, including one today of Caylee in a grocery store in Tennessee. Their investigator is checking the tip and looking at the tapes. Tips have come in from as far away as California and as close as Orlando of Caylee sightings. Some include people who have been as close as four feet from Caylee. So why didn't these people immediately call 911 and report it? Could it that they are loonie tunes trying to insert themselves into a big case?

-The picture of Caylee partying was taken as a promotion for the club. It was staged and she was paid for it. Was the picture of Casey taken wrapped in an American Flag, on July 4th, sitting on someone's couch holding a beer part of a club promotion that she was paid for as well?

-Caylee's biological father was from the Carolinas and died shortly before Caylee's second birthday and allegedly never had any involvement.

-Law Enforcement made up their minds right away and never pursued any other leads. So I guess tracking down Zenaida Gonzales was just for fun? Even though Casey couldn't even provide a phone number for the woman who was allegedly her daughter's caregiver?

-The Anthonys believe that shows like Nancy Grace's have already convicted Casey.

The Anthonys have written a commentary on the Larry King Live blog.