Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nancy Grace Recap, December 22

Last night, Nancy Grace interviewed Jesse Grund, the former fiance of Casey Anthony.

Casey had originally claimed Jesse was the father of Caylee. When a DNA test, urged on Jesse by his family, proved that he was not, in fact, Caylee's father, he still continued to love Caylee as his own. He and Casey were homebodies, focused on Caylee. They enjoyed watching movies together and going out to dinner as a family, things most parents of a young child do. Casey was determined to become a photographer and actually worked for Kodak (really) and strove to be a good mom.

That all changed toward the end of their relationship, when Casey was too hungover from partying the night before to attend Jesee's brother's graduation, as one example.

Jesse said that he didn't know the person Casey had become. She broke off the engagement because she felt Jesse loved Caylee more than he loved her.

Jesse was in tears, remembering Caylee and how much she meant to him. He recounted that during Caylee's first Christmas, they didn't make it to the mall for Santa pictures, so he bought a cheap Santa suit and dressed up for her.

When Leonard Padilla first bailed Casey out of jail and was babysitting her at her family home, he said discussion by the Anthonys revolved around the possibility Jesse had snatched Caylee.

Jesse had never been seriously considered a suspect by law enforcement.

Jose Baez, Casey's local Orlando attorney, has also set up a new tip line, hoping to bring in more information provind Casey did not harm Caylee.

As of now, the Anthonys have no plans to visit Casey in jail.

The crime scene has been cleared and investigators went directly from the scene to the Anthony home, where they removed more items of potential evidenciary value such as shoes and clothes. George Anthony was visibly upset when the search warrant was presented.

The defense, after clamoring for access to the crime scene, did not show up after the scene was cleared by investigators. They claimed that there was nothing left for them.


Ronni said...

That, and they probably would have had to pay their experts all over again for them to come back...

Ronni said...

It has to be tearing Jesse up that the Anthonys are trying to throw him under the bus. The one guy in Casey's life that seems to be decent, and whoops...

I feel so sorry for him. He had me in tears.

It didn't take Casey long to discover that partying was more fun than family life, did it?

CountryGirl said...

I saw that interview on Nancy's show. Casey was jealous of the attention Caylee received and dumped him. Poor Caylee. She was in the way so her mother got rid of her.