Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Memorial For Caylee

George and Cindy Anthony, through their attorney, announced that they will schedule a public memorial for Caylee. The details are still in the works. A private service will also be held for family and friends.

Casey Anthony will not be attending either, nor allowed to view the remains. The Orange County Corrections department states that due to the level of charges against her and safety and security reasons, it is against their policy.

No word as to whether or not Casey actually asked to attend.

Toys at the makeshift memorial for Caylee at the crime scene are going to be donated to the Orlando Rescue Mission, rather than left to rot in the Florida weather.

Contrary to rumors, The Anthony's have not asked for donations to cover the cost of the funeral or memorial services.

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Ronni said...

I think they should MAKE her view Caylee's remains!