Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lee Anthony To Face Charges?

Lee Anthony, Casey's brother, has an attorney. His attorney claims that Lee is being investigated by the Orlando Sheriff's Department and faces possible charges of obstruction of justice or aiding and abetting.

Lee did not submit his DNA until he was forced to do so by subpoena, it should be noted. Rumors have run rampant on the Internet that Lee is actually Caylee's father from an incestuous relationship with Casey, and Casey had claimed to friends that Lee was always bugging her for sex and trying to molest her. Among other of Casey's lies about her family is that George is not her biological father but her stepfather, so who knows what's really credible about Lee being Caylee's father or molesting Casey.

It's very unusual for an attorney to announce pending charges against a client. The attorney's statement has legal eagles and everyone else following the case scratching their heads, wondering why and what purpose this claim serves.

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