Monday, December 15, 2008

Casey Anthony's Dream Defense Team

Casey Anthony is commanding some of the best legal expertise in the country.

Jose Baez: her local attorney
Dr. Henry Lee: probably the most well-known forensic scientist in the world
Linda Kenney-Baden: defense attorney, legal commentator, wife of renowned medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden and late of the Spector trial
Dr. Werner Spitz: Forensic pathologist, toxicology consultant, professor of pathology at Wayne State Medical school, Wayne County Medical Examiner for 16 years, now Medical Examiner for Macomb County in Michigan
Dr. Ketherine Reichs: forensic anthropologist
Dr. Lawrence Kolbinlinski: DNA specialist, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NYC
Dr. Tim Huntington: Forensic Entomologist


Ronni said...

Henry Lee that admitted to pocketing a piece of the victim's acrylic fingernail during the Phil Specter investigation?

THAT Henry Lee?

No wonder he's working Pro Bono. He may be trying to re-establish his reputation.

Lisa said...

The very same Henry Lee who used straws and ketchup in a demonstration during Peterson East.