Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Second Anthony Spokesperson Steps Down

Michelle Bart, the spokesperson for George and Cindy Anthony, is stepping down. She is citing health reasons as she has surgery scheduled later this month in Washington State.

Ms. Bart will be the second Anthony family spokesperson in as many months to leave the case. The last, Larry Garrison, resigned after accusing the family of erratic behavior.

Attorney Mark Njeme also stepped aside. He allegedly pocketed up to $6500 for providing family pictures to the media.


Ronni said...

The Anthonys are not exactly team players. Cindy is one of those "it's my way or the highway" types, which is why they've so far gone through one bounty hunter, one search-and-rescue organization, one lawyer and two spokespersons.

Cindy knows more than anyone else about everything.

At least this lawyer has finally managed to shut her up.

Shejay said...
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Shejay said...

I don't think "The Anthony's" are as innocent as first claimed. I used to feel sorry for George, but if he don't man up and do the right thing he is just as bad as the rest of them! Lee? Something is just off there. I don't blame their Lawyers for bailing out. They are ALL habitual liars. The request of immunity just proves to me that they know they are gonna get caught with their feet in their mouths. I understand Casey is their child, but what about Caylee? Which Anthony family memeber is going to take a stand for her rights?